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Here there be dragons

dana aka dj RasDNA
1 November
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  • RasDNA
sucked into the blog. resistance -is- futile.
:wumpscut:, a split second, acumen, akira, alchemy dc, alchemy_dc, anime, ant zen, asche, asian noodles, assemblage 23, bad brians, baltimore, batty's ass, beatmatching, beefcake, belgian chocolate, bigod 20, biopsy, bit torrent, black lung, booking and promoting bands, camping, cartoons, cesium 137, chemlab, cleaner, cleen, clock dva, clubbing, clubs, coffee, coil, computer games, computers, converter, cooking, covenant, crocodile shop, cult films, d.c., dancing, darkwave, das ich, decoded feedback, die form, die warzau, dismantled, djing, download, drum and bass, drum n' noise, dust of basement, e-craft, ebm, ebm/industrial music, electro, electroclash, etc., evil's toy, evils toy, family, fiendflug, flesh field, fractals, front 242, front line assembly, front242, frontline assembly, futurepop, gaming, giant robots, girls in noise, god module, gridlock, gruesome twosome, hands, haujobb, hemp, hmb, hocico, icon of coil, imminent, in strict confidence, indian cuisine, individual totem, industral, industrial music, invader zim, iszoloscope, japanese cuisine, jedi mind tricks, jhonen vasquez, klinik, kmfdm, l'ame immortelle, lords of acid, manah manah, manufactura, nebula-h, needle sharing, negative format, network protocols, new order, nitzer ebb, noise music, noise unit, noisex, not doing anything, p.a.l, panacea, pow[d]er pussy, power electronics, project pitchfork, pzycho bitch, red bull, revolting cocks, robots, s.i.n.a., sandman, sci-fi, seabound, settlers of catan, sex, shaved heads, simpsons, skinny puppy, sleeping late, snog, sock monkeys, suicide commando, sushi, swimming, synapscape, technology, terrorfakt, thai food, the cure, the swans, this morn' omina, tumor, vnv nation, washington d.c., william gibson, winterkalte, wumpscut, x marks the pedwalk,