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This Thursday
Exposure's first Halloween Extravaganza!

With Special Guests

Dj RIB( Razed in Black)
DJ Steve Archer(Ego Likeness)
Dj Liebchen(XuberX/ Midnight)
Dj K( Rapture)

Performance by: Dance Afire
Photo booth by:
Larry Bradby
Vendors:Mindjacket T-shirts
Steve Archer and Donna Lynch

Costume Contest, Prizes and More!

Thursday Oct 30th at LIV Nightclub
2001 11th Street NW Washington DC 20001
18+ event | cover $10.00
open 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

See ya there!
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smoke em if you got em

Calling all DC Freaks!

This Thursday @ Exposure
Philly Invasion!
w/ guest Djs: Mighty Mike Saga, Dj Phranque, DJ 23, Isaac (Cesium 137)
Photography by:S. Jenx of The Fall Studio
Dancers and artists by: The Fall Faction


A Night of Industrial in the Underground!
Another chapter from down below in the Caverns!
Live Performances: Die Sektor w/ Dyksick
DJ Set: Dan of Worms of the Earth
Resident DJs: MindCage and Vlad
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Is that Freedom Rock?


Exposure at Club LIV - EVERY THURSDAY!

Every Thursday @ Club LIV
2001 11th Street NW
Doors @ 9pm
$5 21+ / $7 18-20

Resident DJs this week:

This week's spotlight:

Hostesses/Model: Donna Lynch

Donna Lynch is a writer and musician currently living in Baltimore, MD. Her written works include a novel 'Isabel Burning' (RDSP 2008), and a collection of poetry entitled 'In My Mouth', as well as numerous other poems and short stories. She is the co-founder along with her husband, artist and musician Steven Archer, of the dark electro-rock band Ego Likeness (Dancing Ferret Discs), and the spoken word/ instrumental outfit The Trinity Project. She is fond of all genres of music, twisted and creepy film and literature, maps, quarries and coal mines, theology, and hairless animals.

Artist/Guest DJ: Steve Archer

Steven Archer is an artist and musician living in Baltimore, MD. When not recording, DJing, or producing art, he and his wife, author Donna Lynch, tour with their dark electronic rock band Ego Likeness. He has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, and has shown his work at galleries and other venues throughout the east coast, and internationally in the form of album art and magazine illustrations. Luna Maris is his first book.

Guest DJ: Transept

Prior to relocating to Washington D.C. in 2004, Transept was a resident DJ of the Cellar and helped advance Houston's industrial / live circuit. She became a music enthusiast early on in the 80's club scene, starting a weekly music column in 1988 and spending the following decade collecting and dealing vinyl at record shows all over Texas.

Transept mixes a lively blend of industrial- EBM-synthpop & goth music to fuse the sounds from the 80's, and 90's with brand new music from today. Transept is motivated to continue the evolution of the scene by delivering a powerful, spirited and energetic experience to the dance floor. In DC, Transept has been found making guest appearances at Chronos, the Black Cat, and the Spy Lounge.


Big event July 24th - Philly TAKEOVER!
Go-Go Dancers/Models provided by The Fall Faction
Photography and Artwork: The Fall Studios and S. Jenx
DJs: DJ23, Mighty Mike Saga, Phranque and Issac of Cesium:137
Promotional material by Metropolis Records

July 31st - A Night of Industrial in the Underground!
Another chapter from down below in the Caverns!!
Live Performances: Die Sektor and Dyksick
DJ Set: Dan of Worms of the Earth
Resident DJs: MindCage and Vlad

Exposure is brought to you each week by Deep6 Productions

Exposure aims to bring to light the best and brightest talents in any arena. We will be featuring guest performers, photographers, artists, vendors, fashions shows, and more! If you have a unique talent and you want to show it off let us know!! Currently, Exposure is on the second floor of LIV Nightclub, a space that features a nice hardwood dance floor, stage, plus with its two levels, there's ample seating for those who need a break from dancing.


Die Sektor
w/ Dyksick
Bohemian Caverns - 2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - Doors 9pm

Imperative Reaction
w/ [:SITD:] and Aesthetic Perfection
Club LIV (Upstairs of Bohemian Caverns) - 2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - $20 Doors 9pm
smoke em if you got em


Naima and the kids are away at camp this week, so I've got a week of "freedom" (read:empty house syndrome, lol)

Tonight Im going over to Xavier's and working on some music... He is so much better than me its almost like cheating lol.. Im all "hey check this out" (plays simple one note rhythm) and he's like "I like it, what if its more like this tho" (extrapolates basic rhythm into mozart).. He's pretty good at not overpowering me with his awesome skillz tho and so it still feels like we are collaborating, not like he is leading me on a string thru the creative process, lol..

Anyone want to hang out after work (8pm for me) tomorrow?? My dance card is open ;)

THURSDAY: SANCTUM and MAGO at Exposure!!

I think this is the first time a CMI band has played DC??

Friday will be my day of rest unless anyone has any brilliant (and CHEAP!) ideas :)

SATURDAY I'm doing a FREE PARTY with Cosmo and Neska at The Depot in Baltimore.. promises to be TONS OF FUN :)

SUNDAY I go get the family from camp!! How can a week be so long and so short at the same time??
smoke em if you got em

Exposure -- Thursdays!! Grand Opening TONIGHT!

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